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A client-centred practice with a focus on what the client needs, at the client’s own pace.


When we are in an uncomfortable state of emotional turmoil it often helps simply to talk to someone who is focused entirely on you and listens without judgement or offering advice. There are several approaches that might help.

We can find ways to manage emotions so they don’t overwhelm us and we can get on with our work or our life. We can find ways that deal with a problem in the short term, to give us breathing space and time to work out what would be the best course of action.

Or we can, when we feel ready, go deeper into the causes of the issue. This can often be when we find ourselves triggered by present situations into reacting in as we did in the past. If in our daily reactions and habitual ways of dealing with things we are not as effective as we would wish, sometimes we need to go back and release the past in order to be free in the present.

It’s really a journey of getting better control of your life, and as a result being happier in your relationships and at work.

Many clients benefit from the profoundly illuminating spaces of client-centred approaches which allow a gentle exploration of the past for possible causes of a present issue. Trauma can be discharged safely and gently, at a rate the client is comfortable with, leading to empowerment, greater resources and awareness.

Some common issues on which people seek counselling or psychotherapy are:

  • the effects of stress
  • panic attacks
  • anxiety states
  • phobias
  • self-esteem issues
  • compulsive thoughts
  • issues of past abuse
  • relationship issues
  • sexuality issues
  • assertiveness training
  • spiritual counselling
  • rituals and rites of passage

Modalities used are:

Client-centred talk therapy – getting a better perspective on issues in your life
Psychodynamic counselling – going deeply into the past to resolve present issues, safely, and at your own pace
Cognitive behavioural therapy - problem management
Gestalt therapy  bringing conflicting elements in our lives into harmony
Emotional freedom techniques (EFT) – discharging anxiety, trauma and intense emotional states safely
Spiritual counselling – personal beingness, empowerment and your spiritual path
Relationships  releasing energetic ties to old or dysfunctional relationships so you can relate more lovingly and healthily, or, if necessary, move on
Inner self work – a meditational approach to self-awareness and growth
Present and past life regression – for present time freedom