Set 3 - exercise 15

For this exercise you will need to sit comfortably alone, where you will not be disturbed for up to an hour. Begin by closing your eyes and grounding your awareness in your body where it touches the surface on which you are sitting. Take time to feel the connection between your body and the physical universe. Breathe deeply and easily, adjust your body where it is not relaxed, bring yourself to a calm state.

Going within, find the part of you which feels like your core, where the real you lives. It varies for all of us, so take your time. You may feel it in your heart, your solar-plexus just under your ribcage, your belly (the area below your navel) or your Third Eye. Wherever it is, it will have an unmistakeable feeling of ‘this is the real me’. You may feel it as an area of warmth, a flame, a spark, or just an area of denseness or solidity. Everyone will feel it in a unique way, there is no wrong or right here.

Gently hold this area in non-physical hands. Feel its contours and shape, its weight and texture, what it’s made of. Cup it in your non-physical hands and perhaps it might begin to expand. Allow it to expand to fill your torso, then your whole body from top to toe, and finally the etheric body around your physical body. Without any attempt to imagine it or make it do so, allow it to continue expanding until it fills the egg—your astral body—around your physical body. This is your personal space. There’s no rush and there should be no effort with this. If you lose the sense of it, go back to the place in your body where you felt the real you, cup it again in non-physical hands, and gently allow it to expand once more. Just experience the natural expansive principle of this, your real Self.

Going further, and when you feel comfortable to do so, allow the sense of your own presence to expand into the whole room. Sense the walls, the furniture in the room, the ceiling and floor. Fill the space with your presence. How does it feel? If it feels uncomfortable to be so expanded, gently bring your space back to where it feels comfortable around you. You may need to practise this often to feel truly comfortable. Open your eyes. Does this make a difference? Practise expanding your space with your eyes open.